New Donuts

We're always introducing new flavors to our menu! CCool is a creative and collaborative space where we are always testing, creating, and having fun with what we do. Hangout, see, and be part of our process.

Febuary Donut: Red Velvet with Dark Chocolate Lambrusco and Hazelnut Icing

The Gold Donut

The Manila Social Club Golden Cristal Donut is made with Ube, a naturally purple sweet yam found in the Philippines, and a 2007 Cristal champagne, making it a truly unique and decadent Donut! The Golden Donut is filled with an Ube mousse and a Cristal gelée. It is then covered in a Cristal icing and dusted with 24K Pure Gold Dust and hand-gilded with 24K Pure Gold Leaf. Every single Donut is handmade by Manila Social Club's Executive Chef, Co-Owner and creator of the Golden Cristal Donut, Björn DelaCruz. Our Golden Donuts are made to be enjoyed and eaten on the same day that they are purchased! Golden Donut orders that are not picked up on the day they were ordered, confirmed for, and paid for will NOT be refunded. We cannot ship the Golden Donut. No exceptions! The cost is $100 per Golden Donut or $1200 per Golden Dozen.