patrón platinum donut



The Manila Social Club originally created the luxurious, limited donut available for the Week of Cinco de Mayo. We are once again making it available to customers!

In working with Patrón Platinum, Manila Social Club has created The Patrón Platinum Donut. At it's core, the donut is influenced by the Patrón Margarita of The Year, the Rosa Picante, which was created by Jordan Corney. The donut uses elements of rose, citrus, chili, and ginger. Orders placed for donuts, will be confirmed, and must be pickup from our restaurant. Proceeds of the Patrón Platinum Donut will go to the American Cancer Societyas the owners of Manila Social Club have been personally affected by and are dedicated to the fight against cancer.

The donut's foundation is a pâté a choux made with powderized rose ashes and infused with ginger giving the pastry a dark ash color. Inside the donut, we again nod to the Margarita of the year with a light rose infused whipped mousse, studded with a chili-calamansi Margarita gel made with Patrón Platinum. The sharp and strong flavors of the Margarita gel are balanced by the smooth, creamy, rose mousse.

Each donut is then individually hand dipped into an icing of Patrón Platinum and then air brushed with edible silver powder. Finally, it is adorned with edible leaf giving it a brilliant and unmistakable finish. Every Patrón Platinum Donut is individually handmade.

The cost is $150 per Patrón Platinum Donut. Proceeds of the donut will go the the American Cancer Society. 

Payment must be made once the order is confirmed and at least 24 Hours before pick-up.

We cannot ship the Patrón Platinum Donut. No exceptions!  

Orders that are not picked up on the day they were ordered, confirmed for, and paid for will NOT be refunded.  

If you would like to order a Patrón Platinum Donut, please fill out the form below. Thank you!