Our Ube Bae and Buko Pandan Donuts!


Ube is a sweet purple yam and Buko (Young Coconut) and Pandan (a naturally green vanilla coconut flavored leaf) are 2 of our Donut flavors!

Every Donut is handmade, hand-piped, and hand-dipped by Manila Social Club's Executive Chef and Co-Owner, Björn De La Cruz.

Our Manila Social Club Donuts are ONLY SOLD BY THE HALF DOZEN ($25 per Half Dozen plus tax) PER FLAVOR. There is a Minimum of 6 Donuts of the Same flavor.

We DO NOT Ship our Donuts!

Please fill out the form below for your order.

Your Donuts will then have to be picked up at the Donut Lab at the CCOOL Rudolf Budja Gallery at 1330 18th Street in South Beach during your requested pick up time.

Special requests for our Donuts of 4 Dozen or more or to inquire regarding Donuts for a private event can be be made by writing us in the Message Box. 


PLEASE NOTE: You will receive an email reminder CONFIRMING your order the day before(afternoon) your Pick Up Date! 

The cost is $25.00 per half dozen + tax.